Our mission is to give local cancer patients Christmas stockings stuffed with love and care during the holiday season. We strive to spread smiles, fill hearts and help our community members Hang Tough while fighting their battle.



Each year, the Butler and Mercer County communities come together by donating Christmas stockings filled with items for cancer patients. More than twelve local businesses and organizations generously offered to be collection sites for these stockings. After collection, Mrs. Claus and her team of elves gather all of the stockings to a single location and work together to distribute each and every one over the course of two weeks.


Stockings are delivered to patients receiving chemo/radiation treatments to over ten local cancer centers and hospice units. These treatments sometimes take hours and goodies in their stocking will hopefully help pass time and put a smile on their face! 

Every stocking tells a unique story for both the recipient and contributor. We deliver stockings filled by community members to patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments at local cancer centers, hospice units and nursing homes. 

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The goal of our project is to fill stockings with special items that can be gifted to either a male or a female cancer patient. Here is a list of some suggested items that can fit into a stocking, but please remember to be unique and creative! Stockings come in all shapes and sizes, just like us!



notebooks, coloring books, crayons, pocket calendars, daily devotionals, note cards, note pads, colored pencils, markers, cards & stamps


indivuially packaged tea bags, hot chocolate packages, k-cups, tea or lemonade packets, travel mugs or cups

Gift Cards

gas stations, convenience stores, grocery store, superstores, VISA gift card, local restaurants & coffee shops


lottery tickets,  new stuffed animals, magazines, books, Christmas decorations, ornaments, small crafts, silly putty,  handwritten letter  



hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstick, wet wipes, tissues, nail files, toothbrush & toothpaste 


dried fruit, crackers, granola bars, trail mix, packs of gum, popcorn, ginger chews, mixed nuts, small snack bags, oatmeal cups, mac n' cheese cups 


deck of cards, puzzle books, travel board games, dominos, tic tac toe, dice, tricky triangle 


new gloves, scarves, slipper socks, hats, blankets, hand and foot warmers, washcloths



While we appreciate all donations, please do not include the following items in stockings:



Our sponsor, Butler Radio Network, has been with us from the beginning. We appreciate their everlasting support! Stocking collections and delivery would not run as smoothly without them. 

You can always drop donation items or filled stockings at our sponsor's location!

Butler Radio Network

252 Pillow Street, Butler, PA

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Shampoo, conditioner, soap, perfume, products with strong scents, razors, deodorant


Jell-O, pudding, medication, individual pieces of candy, items easily broken (crackers, candy canes, bags of chips, etc.)


Individual pens and pencils, used or damaged books or magazines


Used or damaged items, breakable items, items for a specific gender



2022 Stocking Collection

Complete! Thank you for your generosity and support. We distributed 1,640 stockings to cancer patients and veterans in Butler and Mercer County!